"CEMMS" is an online multi-agency monitoring and maintenance management system. Click on the CEMMS logo for more information

CEMMS - "Designed by Traffic Engineers for Traffic Engineers"

Carra Event Management and Maintenance System (CEMMS)


CEMMS is an online multi-agency monitoring and maintenance management system that serves as an event collector, processor and alerting agent for monitored equipment. It automatically creates, schedules, allocates and tracks work orders for corrective and preventative maintenance activities.

The CEMMS platform is extensible with the ability to add modules for specific applications. CEMMS modules developed to date include: 

'CEMMS base system' image

CEMMS base system

The CEMMS base system provides an online network map, event monitoring, correlation, event escalation, preventative/corrective work order and asset management. » read more

'Carra Counter' image

Carra Counter

Carra Counter is an extendable data collection and visualisation tool that automatically monitors, collects, groups, maps, analyses and compares detailed multi-site vehicle traffic patterns, and other data sources, to underpin tactical and strategic business decisions with comprehensive, evidence-based, live and historic traffic information. » read more

'EV Hub' image

EV Hub

EV Hub - an outstation and online back-office remote control technology for EV chargers. » read more

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