What is Hubeleon…

Hubeleon is a software platform developed specifically for eMobility and Integrated Transport/Traffic applications. The growth of intelligent transport infrastructure and use of ICT to monitor, control and interact with geographically diverse networks of devices created the need for management and control systems. Hubeleon has been designed by a team with extensive experience in chargepoint (EVSE) control/management systems, Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), ICT systems and Intelligent Traffic & Transport solutions.



With strong domain expertise and a focus on user experience we have developed Hubeleon using technology to deliver functionality that is flexible and easy to use.

Flood Detection

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Our water-level event monitoring & management system is a cost-effective method for alerting users to over threshold water levels, it builds on communications solutions and back-office infrastructure that our team have developed & deployed for other utilities & networking operators, nationally & internationally.

Using state of the art LeakGuard flood sensing hardware we are able to define water level thresholds across a network of gullies, drains, pipes or other nominated conduits requiring flood or level monitoring. A sensor is fixed to the gully wall at 1 or more threshold points; once water reaches or recedes from the level, the device will issue an alert/clearance. The device is fully submersible (IP67), and can have a trailing antenna installed at, or very close to ground level.

Ideal for:

  • Cities
  • Business Parks
  • Highways
  • Railways

Our Flood Detection Monitoring Devices are affordable, flexible & easy to install. We can provide our telemetry system, working with you to give you what you want, with sensors, communications, data collection & presentation and a range of interfaces.

Breached water-threshold alerts are communicated to Hubeleon's event management system using Sigfox net (or other nominated networks). Real-time status of all monitored devices & the threshold events at those sites can be viewed on the Hubeleon website. Hubeleon offers a suite of data visualisation utilities, network status screens, and mapped over-views which would assist in responding to live weather, flood or fault events.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Case Study - Gully Monitor (Case_study_-_Gully_Monitor.pdf | 1.65 MB)

 A case study of the implementation of gully monitors in Dublin City

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