What is Hubeleon…

Hubeleon is a software platform developed specifically for eMobility and Integrated Transport/Traffic applications. The growth of intelligent transport infrastructure and use of ICT to monitor, control and interact with geographically diverse networks of devices created the need for management and control systems. Hubeleon has been designed by a team with extensive experience in chargepoint (EVSE) control/management systems, Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), ICT systems and Intelligent Traffic & Transport solutions.



With strong domain expertise and a focus on user experience we have developed Hubeleon using technology to deliver functionality that is flexible and easy to use.

Carra Counter

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Carra Counter is an extendable data collection and visualisation system that automatically monitors, collects, groups, maps, analyses and compares detailed multi-site vehicle traffic patterns, and other data sources, to underpin tactical and strategic business decisions with comprehensive, evidence-based, live and historic traffic information.

Key features include:

  • Standalone outstation hardware and software solution that detects traffic and uploads data automatically. 
  • Hosted Web-based service thus no requirement for software setup making your data accessible as soon as the outstation is deployed.
  • Cost effective low-impact installation and operation using solar power and GSM communications.
  • Customisable to support any hardware interfaces and data types with bidirectional commication capabilities.



Attached Documents

PDF icon Carra Counter technical brochure (Carra_Counter_technical_brochure_v2.pdf | 503 kB)
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