What is Hubeleon…

Hubeleon is a software platform developed specifically for eMobility and Integrated Transport/Traffic applications. The growth of intelligent transport infrastructure and use of ICT to monitor, control and interact with geographically diverse networks of devices created the need for management and control systems. Hubeleon has been designed by a team with extensive experience in chargepoint (EVSE) control/management systems, Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), ICT systems and Intelligent Traffic & Transport solutions.



With strong domain expertise and a focus on user experience we have developed Hubeleon using technology to deliver functionality that is flexible and easy to use.

Traffic Surveys

We conduct automated traffic data capture and processing to provide verifiable detail and management information on all types or traffic from turning movement counts of vehicles/cyclists/trucks at intersections and roundabouts, to pedestrian footfall on public walkways and cyclists on cycle paths, to heavy vehicle traffic on motorways. 

We offer temporary and permanent traffic survey solutions and installations for traffic volume and classification using:

  • Video surveys
  • Laser Speed surveys
  • Manual counts
  • Journey time and speed surveys
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Video Surveys

Video traffic surveys are best where accuracy requirements are high and the data gathered may be challenged.

Video surveys have an accuracy rate higher of at least 95% - higher than the typical accuracy of manual data collectors. Human collectors become fatigued, bored, and must pause for certain activities (e.g. breaks, distractions, etc). Additionally, a human data collector only has a few seconds to correctly identify a vehicle movement and classification- often not enough time for large, busy intersections or roundabouts.

Video surveys using video analysis looks at the video frame-by-frame, so it never gets overwhelmed by traffic volume or other external distractions. In fact, busy intersections and roundabouts that normally would require 2 or 4 collectors to study only require one video file.

Video surveys are ideal for:

  • Turning Movement Counts (up to 8-legged intersections)
  • Motorway Counts (up to 5 lanes per direction)
  • Roundabouts
  • Midblock Counts (when it's too dangerous to run road-tubes)



Attached Documents

PDF icon Traffic and Speed survey brochure (carra_speed_surveys.pdf | 538 kB)


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