Motorist Behaviour Monitoring System

Clip Machine

Carra were commissioned by TII in 2020 to develop a roadside sensor platform capable of:

  • Recording speeds, acceleration & deceleration profiles of vehicles in zones of interest.
  • Recording video footage of manoeuvres of interest – before, during and after.
  • Uploading data and media to remote systems

A network of the delivered systems has been deployed at five sites along the M7. They are renewably powered and mounted upon existing structures. The systems are a variant of ComsHub, Carra’s ITS outstation, which takes continuous input from an array of connected AGD radars. The systems are configured to record footage of vehicles exiting or entering the motorway too late – although any detectable event can trigger video recording including:

  • Wrong way driver
  • Very high/ very low speed vehicle
  • Queue developing
  • Sudden braking