Public Vehicle Charger Installation

Carra's deep understanding of the vehicle charging needs and ambitions of the public sector has enabled us to work closely with local authorities and with private companies, installing electric vehicle charging solutions for public use at a variety of locations including shopping centres, car dealership carparks, stadiums, among other places.

The availability of public electric vehicle charging points is increasing rapidly across Ireland. At Carra, we use extensive research and knowledge on the EV market to provide the most suitable charging solution.

Current clients include Intel, VW Ireland, Euro carparks, Parkrite, BMW Ireland, Nissan Ireland, BMW, Audi ,Jansen and Jansen, Dublin City Council, Hyundai Ireland, SEAI, Tesla, Citi Bank , Volvo , Citi Bank,  and Diagio.

Public EV Charger Installation Projects

Major uplift to Sheehy's EV charging infrastructure at Naas  Sheeys Naas EV Charging Infrastructure

Carra install a 175 kW Delta unit, a project which included a new sub station, with multiple AC units and electrification of the Audi, VW and Skoda workshops.

Re-charge at Dun Laoghaire Harbour! Public EV Charger Intallation Dun Laoghaire Harbour

Carra installed an ABL dual charge unit, sponsored by Volvo Ireland. Just over a year in the ground and the ABL unit has had over 1650 charge cycles!

We specialise in the installation of electric vehicle chargers for public use.  Please get in touch for more information.