Carra provide 24x7x365 ITS - maintenance services.

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) is the integration of information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicle and users. With over 20 years experience delivering projects within the ITS sector, Carra are regarded as one of the industry leaders in Ireland, with a diverse portfolio of customers as seen below.

Carra's engineering team includes fully trained ITS Engineers and Electricians who are certified for health and safety, traffic management, EV charging systems and tolling systems. Carrying out a range of comprehensive maintenance tasks across the country, we pride ourselves on delivering within response times thus ensuring the prolonged life and reliability of your systems.

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Carra Working With:
Jack Lynch Tunnel
Dublin port

Recent Projects

Motorist Behaviour Monitoring System Clip Machine

Carra were commissioned by TII in 2020 to develop a roadside sensor platform capable of:
- Recording speeds, acceleration & deceleration profiles of vehicles in zones of interest.
- Recording video footage of manoeuvres of interest – before, during and after.
- Uploading data and media to remote systems

Waterford City bottle-bin IoT Network Bottle Bin IoT

Carra were commissioned by Waterford City in 2020 to deploy a 20-sensor IoT network which could report the real-time status of Bottle Bins throughout the city.

Carra deployed ultrasonic level-sensing devices, reporting to our WMW backend. The systems transmit meta-data in real-time, which allows analysis of filling patters, but also alerts collection companies when the bins are at capacity

Blanchardstown ANPR network ANPR

Carra were commissioned by Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in 2019 to deploy an ANPR system across their campus which could measure traffic flows, and parking patterns at, and through the centre.

Carra deployed seven JENOPTIK ANPR cameras at five sites monitoring all access points. The system transmits media & meta-data to a central Vortex server which conducts a continuous analysis.

Traffic Surveys carra

We conduct automated traffic data capture and processing to provide verifiable detail and management information on all types or traffic from turning movement counts of vehicles/cyclists/trucks at intersections and roundabouts, to pedestrian footfall on public walkways and cyclists on cycle paths, to heavy vehicle traffic on motorways.   We offer temporary and permanent traffic survey solutions and installations for traffic volume and classificatio